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Cashewnuts In Food

Cashew kernels have found applications in food since ages. Currently, the usage has expanded considerably and cashew has found its presence invaluable in any combination of food. It is already popular with the manufacturing industry in biscuits and chocolates and ice cream. A wide application in Indian, Eastern or western cuisine make cashew in food highly pleasurable. Achal provides choice from a variety of broken grades, which will meet specific requirements in the kitchen.

Cashews are one of the most delicious tree nuts. It can add taste to virtually anything i.e ice creams, sweets, chocolates, dishes . People enjoy the most when they eat plain or roasted Cashew. In the recent years, the cultivation of tree-nuts and the processing of products derived from them have increased continually. People consume these tasty energy-concentrates both before, during and after aperitives and digestives and as side dishes, appetizers or snacks before and after meals, mainly during work lunches, breaks, cold meals and parties with relatives or friends.

The advantage of Cashew Kernel is that it has a rich, delightful taste and is meaty and acceptable as it is.


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