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Cashew Butter

What is cashew butter and how is cashew butter made?

Achal® Cashew Butter is made from Indian cashew kernels that are finely ground to the consistency of a creamy paste. Plain cashew paste has no other ingredients, only cashew kernels. When crushed, the cashew kernels secrete their own oil which forms a protective layer on top. This keeps the consistency creamy. The oil also helps in preserving the cashew butter for a short period with no added preservatives. Cashews have their own natural sweet taste and hence, do not require added sugar or sweeteners.


What is the importance of cashew butter?

Every 100 grams of cashew butter has 600 calories so it can work as a light, easy to make but meaningful breakfast for those in a hurry. It also helps satiate hunger easily, allowing a person to consume less. It can be eaten at any time of the day and by people of most ages and activity levels. It is also a substitute spread for vegans who consciously choose not to take any form of animal products including dairy. 

 How can you use cashew butter?

Cashew butter can be directly applied to plain or toasted bread or crackers for a delightful, quick, on-the-go breakfast. It can be used in salads as a dressing or as a creamy alternative for mayo in sandwiches and wraps. It acts as an ingredient in Indian cuisine as it blends well in curries and gravies. The richness of cashews gives curries and gravies a thicker consistency and a smoother texture - this works best when added into the mix while blending ingredients or during the grinding process.


Achal® Cashew Butter also comes in different flavours - Cheese, Barbeque, Black Pepper, Sriracha and Sweet Garlic - to add another dimension to your food. These go well with bland or neutral taste biscuits and crackers. They also act as a dip for nachos, potato chips, fries, or cutlets. Add it in chapati rolls, put a dollop of it to a smoothie or soup, get as inventive and creative as you choose!

Available in 50g, 100g and 300g bottles at our retail stores. 

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