Achal Cashews

Fish‭ n‭ ‬Nuts‭

Fish fillets   800gm
Salt     1/2tsp
Lime/Wine       15ml
White pepper   1/4tsp
Parsley,chopped  1/2tsp
Oil    100ml
Butter    30gm
Refined wheat flour  30gm
Egg   1no.
Cayenne pepper 1/4tsp
Cashew bits  100gm
Butter   100gm
Lemon  1/2no.
Garlic,crushed   2flakes
Parsley,chopped  10gm
Salt            1gm


1.Grate lemon rind and extract the juice.
2.Mix the lime rind,salt,pepper,wine and parsley and marinate the fish for30minutes.
3.Dust the fish in flour,and dip in beaten egg and roll in cashew bits and gently press with palm to shape.
4.Heat oil and butter together in a shallow pan and fry the fish to light brown colour and remove.
5.Melt butter for sauce along with the lemon juice,garlic,parsley and salt.
6.Serve the fish garnished with glazed peas,chateau potatoes,hot seasoned butter,bread,etc.

Portion size: 350gm.

Portions: 4.


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