Achal Cashews

Grilled Pork Chop with Cashew Cream Sauce


Pork chop (4 nos)    1000 gm  
Salt     8 gm 
Peppercorn, crushed  5 gm 
Red wine or vinegar  15 ml 
Parsley, chopped  20 gm 


Brown sauce       

200 ml 
Butter   20 gm 
Red wine     30 ml 
Onion, chopped  50 gm 
Cashew cream    50 gm 
Pepper, crushed   1 tsp 
Brown stock   100 ml 
Salt   2 gm


Bacon, chopped   100 gm 
Carrot, diced   150 gm 
Mushroom, halves      100 gm 
Pepper, crushed    3 gm 
Green peas       100 gm 
Potato chateau    400 gm 


1. Marinate pork with the rest of the ingredients under pork and leave for 2 hours.
2. Saute bacon, carrot, mushroom and green peas in a saucepan, until fully done. Add seasonings and stock to moisten and remove.
3. Boil, glaze, season and bake potatoes until light brown.
4. Combine butter, red wine, pepper, onion, brown stock and reduce to dry.
5. Add stock, brown sauce, salt and bring to smooth consistency.
6. Cook the pork chop on both sides in a hot grill.
7. Serve the chops on a large plate topped with sauce, sauted vegetables and potato chateau.

Accompaniment: Bread or pilaf.

Portion size: 400 gm.

Portions: 4.


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