Achal Cashews

Rhines Goulash

Beef, undercut       800 gm 
Cashew, split    200 gm 
Red wine       50 ml 
Flour    30 gm 
Potato        300 gm 
Carrot     300 gm 
Button mushroom     150 gm 
Celery, sliced   50 gm 
Onion, cubes  100 gm 
Basil       10 gm 
Capsicum     100 gm 
Dill leaves      10 gm 
Tomato concasse  100 gm
Ham, chopped   100 gm 
Tomato puree  100 gm 
Butter       50 gm 


Flour      100 gm 
Cashew cream     100 gm 
Water  50 ml 
Butter     30 gm 
Salt   2 gm 
Brown stock    11 ltr
Paprika, powder    1/2 tsp
Caraway seeds    1/2 tsp


1. Make a soft dough with the dumpling ingredients and keep for 1 hour.
2. Divide into balls of 20 gm.
3. Poach in beef stock and remove. Retain the stock.
4. Cut the beef into large cubes and apply salt and red wine.
5. Heat butter and brown the meat in it.
6. Add flavouring, vegetables, salt, pepper, flour and saute further on low fire.
7. After 5 minutes add stock, tomato concasse, cashewnut, capsicum and simmer till cooked. Add half of dill and basil leaves.
8. When cooked, place dumplings on a service bowl and pour the stew over that.
9. Garnish with dill and basil leaves.

Accompaniment: Brown bread or steamed breads.

Portion size: 500-600 gm.

Portions: 4.


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