Achal Cashews

Cashew Omelette with Drynut Bread


Egg      8nos.
Cashew cream          100gm
Salt          5gm
Pepper,powder     1/2tsp
Parsley,chopped    15gm
Bacon,chopped   50gm
Cashewnut,grated/split  100gm
Butter    50gm


Flour         250gm
Fresh yeast     10gm
Caramel      30ml
Egg,beaten   30ml
Milk          100ml
Salt    5gm
Sugar    5gm
Butter    30gm
Cashew,chopped     100gm
Raisin,diced      50gm


1.Make a firm and smooth dough with all the ingredients for"‬bread"‬,except cashew and raisins.Keep for40minutes.
2.Knock back and add cashew and raisins,divide into8even sized balls,flatten into roundles of5mm thickness.
3.Bake in an oven at200C for5minutes.Garnish with butter.
4.Beat together the eggs,salt,pepper,parsley,cashew cream and bacon.
5.Heat1/4th of bacon and butter in a pan and pour1/4th of egg mixture.
6.When it is half cooked,sprinkle grated/split cashew on the top and fold it.Repeat the process to make another3omelettes.
7.Serve with sauted sausages,grilled tomato,glazed carrot,fruit salad and tomato sauce.

Portion size: 300gm.

Portions: 4.


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