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Achal operates two cashew factories - Achal Industries and Achal Cashews Private Limited which manufacture world-class speciality cashew kernels in India in Mangalore, Karnataka state and in village Turkewadi, Maharashtra State respectively.

Achal Industries is engaged in the manufacture and export of Cashew Kernels and has introduced several innovations in the industry. It has launched value-added products and serves customers in its own retail outlets in Mangalore and Bangalore.

Origin Of The Industry

Mangalore is the birth place of organized Cashew Processing Industry. Mangalore has to its credit many innovations in Cashew Processing and has rightfully acquired a prominent place in the Cashew World, especially, in terms of quality of product and performance.

Process Capacity, area in occupation

Achal Industries and Achal Cashews Private Limited are equipped to process 6.4 MT. of raw Cashewnuts per day. It has now in its possession 16000 Sq meters of land in three locations in the industrial area of Baikampady, Mangalore, Karnataka, India. At present it has about 7000 sq. meter areas of manufacturing and common facilities and 4815 sq. mt area of drying yards.

Constant upgradation of facilities is a hallmark of Achal

Export capabilities

The unit entered the Export field in the year 1984 and its products are now exposed to all the international markets, viz, North America, the EEC countries, Middle East and Japan. It also has facilities for the export of commodities and import of packing materials & machinery.

State Regulation

The unit has strived to meet all regulatory requirements of the State Government and Central Government and has contributed substantially to the economy both in direct employment generation and contribution by way of taxes.


The unit was promoted as a family unit by Sri. G. Sadananda Prabhu. Presently Sri. G. Giridhar Prabhu is the Proprietor of this Unit.

General info

Cashewnut is the most popular tree nut amongst all edible nuts. This is evident by the consistent high value which it commands in the world market in comparison to other nuts.

Human Resources

The unit employs more than 500 workers 95% of which are women from local areas.

History of Achal

Achal started commercial production of Cashew Kernels on 1st December 1981 in Mangalore and September 1983 in Turkewadi, Maharashtra. This is a family business founded by Sri G.Sadananda Prabhu and son, Sri G.Giridhar Prabhu. Sri G. Sadananda Prabhu has now been in business for 60 years with wide experience in handling and trading of produce and later in small enterprise. G.Giridhar Prabhu has 31 years of experience in handling manufacture and development of enterprise.

G.Giridhar Prabhu started in the business and developed the small enterprise into a multi-location SME and developed the business in quality and speciality.

From a small beginning, it has grown to its present status of being the most modern, integrated Cashew Kernel manufacturing plant in India. It has developed and evolved in niche segment and not as a mass commodity supplier.


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