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Achal Cashews

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Manufacture of Cashew unlike manufacture of other tree nuts is a unique and complex  process. Outlined briefly below are the basic steps in manufacturing. Achal Industries, Mangalore and Achal Cashews Private Limited are among the best manufacturing facilities in India.

This includes drying yards, manufacturing halls, process areas, storage place for raw materials, value-added manufacture and utilities and amenities.   

Process Flow of manufacturing cashew kernels

Roasting:   The purpose of roasting is to make outer shells brittle enough to break open without damaging the kernel inside.

Shelling: The purpose of shelling is to separate the outer shell from the kernel with the least damage to the kernel.

Hot Chamber: The purpose of hot chamber is to remove the moisture of kernel to enable the removal of the outer skin  "Testa".

Cooling:  The purpose of cooling is to bring the temperature back to room temparature which will enable easy removal of outer skin.

Peeling: The purpose of peeling is to remove the outer skin "Testa".

Grading: The purpose of grading is to separate different kinds of cashew kernels into uniform grades depending on colour, size and characteristics.

Packing: The purpose of packing is to ensure protection of cashew kernels from the place of manufacture to the place of consumption.

Achal has a record of constant innovation in processing and considerable upgradation of facilities over the last 27 years.


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