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Retail Outlet At Mangalore

Cashew Kernel is an exotic and delicious nut. Customers of this product have always sought out the sources of the best quality.

phalguninewEncouraged by the response of customers an exclusive retail outlet was conceived and established in the name and style of Phalguni Cashew Centre which was opened in May 1992.

This Retail outlet is located in the busy shopping area of Balmatta Road (see map below), which is situated in the heart of the city and caters to the requirement of our customers. As it is exclusive, the choices available to the customer expand.


There are 12 internationally accepted grades available to the customers in convenient consumer packs of 500g and 250g. Some grades are also offered in 100g packs. Achal introduced Roasted & Salted Cashew and it has become the delight of the customers. The value-added Masala Cashews & Sugar coated cashews were also introduced recently. Achal was the first to introduce consumer packs initially in polythene packs. In the last 10 years it has introduced consumer packs in multi-layer flexi packs. In this process the consumer packs are vaccumised, flushed with nitrogen gas and sealed. This ensures that the product quality is kept fresh when the consumer opens the pack after a long period of time. Special attention is taken to provide the best quality.

Apart from cashewnuts, the following items are available at Phalguni Cashew Centre:

Pepper etc.

Salted Pistachio
Walnut etc

Mangalore specialties like
Wheat Halwa
Banana Halwa
Cashew Macroons
and a range of special Sweets of export quality prepared at Nagpur by Bhagat’s

Banana Chips


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