Achal Cashews


Packaging Requirements:

The minimum requirement of packaging is that the cashews should be safe till it reaches the customer.

Our packs carry a statement:  Vacuumised and flushed with Nitrogen. This is because cashew requires special treatment when packaging. It has to be in an “inert atmosphere”. An inert atmosphere is created by removal of air which makes the inside of the container free of oxygen. This can be done by having a vacuum pack or infusing it with an inert gas, such as nitrogen.

Currently Achal makes its own nitrogen at its plants and flushes its packs with this inert gas.

Achal has invested in equipments and systems that enables the packaging of the produce to customer satisfaction. The packaging medium is pouches made from multi-layer plastic films.

We give a convenient bulk pack of 2.5 kg x 4 bags, making a bulk box of ten kgs. Bulk boxes are taken by confectioners who use cashews as ingredients. This is Achal’s service pack.


Currently the Packaging offered by Achal is:

Consumer Packs:

Cashew Kernels: 500g,  250g, 100g

Dry Roasted Cashews: 200g, 80g

Bulk Packs:


2.5 kg  x   4  Bags in box and carton  = 10 kg in a carton.

10 kg single Bag in a Box  (brokens  only)


10 kg x 2  = 20 kg in a carton

11.35 kg x 2 = 22.68 kg in  a carton



Cashew packaging was one of the first “modified atmosphere packaging” evolved  in the world. India developed the world standard of packaging cashews.

Packaging of cashews in tins in India led to a standard unit made of tinplate. Cashew tins were infused with carbon-dioxide to create the required inert atmosphere. Achal used to offer bulk cashews in Tins till 2005.

Achal was the first to introduce cashews in consumer packs for the trading market. Based on the enthusiastic response, it evolved to have improved packaging machines that enabled the packing of cashews in an inert atmosphere in consumer packs.

Achal introduced the first multi-layer film packaging for customers in India in the 500g and 250g presentation.

Achal has also  been the first cashew factory to introduce cashews flushed with nitrogen for the trading market.


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