Achal Cashews

Quality Assurance

Customers who buy Achal's products have assurance of quality. Achal adopts a continuous improvement policy. Quality assurance at Achal is prevalent at all stages - in process, on production and post production.

Quality Standards:

Achal follows product Standards for Cashews under Government of India Notification No.S.O.783 and has developed rigid specifications over the same. This is confirmed by internal quality checks and external inspection. Achal has been exposed to In -Process Quality Control, Quality Management Systems certified under ISO 9001:2000.

Achal's specifications are devised for product as well as all consumables, inputs and packaging material. All employees have been trained and a policy of continual improvement is adopted.

Achal has adopted the following Policy for its Quality Management System under ISO 9001.

ISO 9001:2000.


  • Satisfy Regular and Specific Needs of Customers
  • Meet Legal & Statutory Requirements.
  • Deliver quality products on time
  •  All individuals remain committed to quality systems and continual improvement


 Achal has adopted the following Policy for its Food Safety Management System under ISO 22000

 ISO 22000:2005 (E).


Our Company’s Food Safety Policy is to:

  •  Supply products that are safe for the customer on time
  •  Ensure that the company complies with statutory, regulatory requirements and mutually agreed food safety mandates of customers.
  • Ensure involvement of our employees and suppliers in delivering product that meet all the requirements and continually improve Food Safety Management System to protect food safety at all stages.
  • Ensure that our food safety policy and issues are periodically reviewed, communicated, implemented and maintained at all levels.
  • Strive to attain measurable objectives      

 Achal constantly takes opinions and advice from its resellers, retailers, customers, consumers,  the academic and scientific community, advisors and consultants.

We strive to maintain and improve our standards on a continuous basis. Customer feedback is most welcome.


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